Painting for fun! @NewMakeIt

Description: ** The last date of the class is: December 9th ** No Experience Necessary. Learn as you go! Let's have some fun mixing famous painters, your blank canvases and a lot of paint! Each class we will try our hand at the signature styles of famous artists. No experience needed but if you have some, you're welcome too! Every week I will guide you as we explore the approaches, the colours and textures of famous painters and their work. We will learn colour mixing and some colour theory plus you will become familiar with composition and what makes an interesting painting. We'll try: Jackson Pollack splatters Mondrian tape paintings Picasso portraits Van Gogh swirls Matisse flowers by a window Dali surrealist scenes Georgia O'Keefe and her giant flowers And Andy Warhol soup cans So join me and let's get dabbling with the greats! Small class size. Big fun. Materials list for first class: -16x20 stretched canvas -3 Acrylic brushes, size 0, size 6 and size 10 or 12. Bristle or synthetic. Any shape (Filbert, round or bright) Acrylic paint Student grade is fine. Do not buy dollar store paints. They will frustrate you! Cadmium Red or Napthol Red Ultramarine Blue Cadmium yellow (light or medium) Titanium White Black (your choice) Vine charcoal Ruler Masking tape or painter's tape Suggested Art Stores: Currys Art Supplies Store in Richmond Hill DeSerres Easels will be provided If you have any questions you can contact our instructor directly at

Start Time: October 21st, 2020 at 11:00am
End Time: October 21st, 2020 at 2:00pm
Location: NewMakeIt
Address: 621 Timothy street

City: Newmarket
Province: ON
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