Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays

Description: The fourth annual “Newmarket International Festival of one act Plays” presents seven outstanding plays over three nights plus a Young Company matinee at the Old Town Hall in Newmarket Coming out of COVID 19 Vac-Scene Gala The Coming Out Of COVID Vac-Scene Gala should not be missed, it’ll be the talk of the town -- the place to be seen, free refreshments appetizers, conversation with old friends, plus three live theatre performances - this will be one hell of a memorable Gala September 9th Performances "Room for Cream" and "Faster than a Speeding Bullet” middle aged actors Carl and Ida meet on Hollywood Blvd’s walk fame to talk about the costumed actors who busk on the Boulevard “The Book club thief” book club members must read "The Book Thief" but only three married wives show up. Taryn, the rich flirtatious divorcee, is busy elsewhere, what is she up to this time? September 10th Performances “Mark My Worms” I’ve got a bun? Come out or I’ll hoot!! A new play by an absurdist playwright must be performed exactly as written. The playwright was a lousy typist “Rosa and Leo” tells a story of Holocaust survivors who secretly fell in love in a Nazi concentration camp, and seventy years later rediscover each other on opposite sides of the world. September 11th Evening Performances “Mourning Glory” explores the question: is there a waiting period before a guy can hit on his deceased friend’s wife, and should she wait because her late husband was lousy in bed? “Third life of Eddie Mann” Eddie a retired teacher became a financial advisor. Eddie is standing on the ledge of the sixth floor of St. Vincent’s Hospital deciding to make a quick trip to the parking lot, Eddie makes a big decision. September 11th Matinee "Gilda" The King’s evil brother’s son, has eyes for Gilda and kidnaps her. Will Gilda be rescued in time and returned to the palace? Log-in with your snapd account or sign up before purchasing tickets. Sept 11 Matinee is SOLD OUT

Start Time: September 9th, 2021 at 6:30pm
End Time: September 9th, 2021 at 7:45pm
Location: Newmarket's Old Town Hall
Address: 460 Botsford St

City: Newmarket
Province: ON
Postal Code: